The Dirty Dozen

Date: 4/11/2022

PAX: Pom Pom, Cinnamon, Bunker, Mr Rogers, Merlin, Frodo, Sharpie, Keds, Wee Man, Dipstick, Paycheck, Spirit Fingers (QIC)


  • 10x SSH
  • 10x Imperial Walkers
  • 10x Hillbillies
  • 10x Low slow squats
  • 10x Through the tunnel
  • 20x flutter kicks


Mosey to Four corners

Corner 1- 5 Burpees

Corner 2 – add 10 jump squats

Corner 3 – add 15 Merkins

Corner 4 – add 20 Hallelujah sit up

Plank for the six

Mosey to car line

Slamball Indian Run

Single file line. First man does squat thrust with 30lb slam ball, run to the back and do 20 single count Mt Climbers the catch up to the line. 5 minutes.

Head to basketball court

Form 2 lines, each with a basketball. Dribble to opposite end for layup. Make is 2 pull-ups a miss is 5 pull-ups. Run back to line for 15 dips and go through twice.

Line trace – Single file line. Walk around basketball court tracing the line with your hand. Hand must stay in the line. Think duck walk!

Mosey to Slam ball round 2 – Squat thrusts and 15 jump squats in the back of the line.

Back to launch pad


Prayer Requests:

  • Paychecks Father-in Law
  • Spring break travel


  • The Fox – get on a team
  • Wee Man kids fundraiser
  • New March bible study today


It was a fun workout today. We had some ruckers who really put in the work today! The weather was great and the fellowship was strong. I believe we need to sharpen our basketball skills and the line trace almost did the pax in! Slam ball is always a favorite! I think today was a fun way to start the week.

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