The Revenge of the Murder Bunnies

AO: Scrooge

Pax: Kimchi, Ginger, TenderSpice, Tugboat, Nurse Jackey, Moses, Thriller, Pinto, Web(QIC)


Indian Run to and from Sneed


Mosey to Hopper’s Yard

Murder Bunnies Galore:

1 rep is Murder Bunny across Hopper’s Yard, 6 inches for 30 seconds, take the block back with it above the head, run a lap, exercise across Hopper’s Yard, 30 seconds of 6 inches, one and a half laps without block

1. Bunny Hop

2. Burpee Broad Jump

One last Murder Bunny before heading back to the parking lot


Prayer Requests:

  • Kimchi’s back
  • Belding as he is with family in California
  • 1st day of school
  • Covid delta variant
  • John Davis has a brain tumor (he is the student pastor at Charleston Southern University)
  • Bunker’s daughter is getting better


  • Back to School Ruck
  • Ramp work is tentatively scheduled for Saturday
  • F3 10 Year Anniversary is coming up


Today, everyone’s favorite block exercise returned with a vengeance: Murder Bunnies. I remember this workout well from when we did the special workouts this past fall. I decided it was time to bring them back since I had left them out for a little while. All was going well considering the circumstances until we had a mishap at the end of the first Murder Bunny crossing. Kimchi was down with a back injury. We waited a minute to see if he was alright before he told us to go on ahead. We then continued the workout.

Throughout the workout several guys decided that they were going to be parrots and repeat words that the leader was saying. Thus they decided to say “Alrighty” as that was a word I was repeating quite a bit. A little ways farther into the workout Kimchi made sure to tell me he was displeased with the workout and that he would get me back on Wednesday. I will have to be watching my back literally and figuratively Wednesday (get better Kimchi, so you can kick me around then).

Moses helped out by going and picking up our extra blocks and putting them away. Thank you for the help with this! Welcome back Tugboat. I hope that we can keep seeing you come out and workout with us. Thanks for letting me run y’all through the ringing today. Make sure to rest up because you never know when one of those white fluffy creatures will come out of nowhere and do some damage.

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