Bring the Noise


QIC :Sharpie

Pax:sharpie(QIC), Pom pom, kimche, wee man, nurse Jackie, shuttlecock, cinnamon, cdc, dipstick, spirit fingers, Jefferson, foxy, knobby, yo-gi, nightlight, big worm.

little arm circles f+r 15
Through the tunnel 15
Karate kicks 15
Knee to the head on Block 15

50 block curl buy in

3 stations

  1. 15 Block burpees
    Farmers carry to next station
  2. 15 Block merkins
    Farmers carry next station
    3.15 bbb situps.
    Around the loop over head and bear Block hug all the way back.
    Rinse and repeat as time allows

Part 2.

  1. 15 block squats
    Farmers carry to next
    2.15 skull crushers
    Farmers carry to next
  2. 15 block pull planks
    Around the loop over head and bear block hug all the way back
    Rinse and repeat

50 block curl buy out

Prayer ( cinimon)
Pray for Dipstick to be able to take his son to camp McCall this summer
Nightlights daughter
Knobbys M’s doctors appointment

Halfway in round 2 the man who lives next to rumble came out and asked us to move somewhere else because we were waking his son up. It was tempting to get annoyed or aggravated, but having a little girl I know how hard it is to make sure our kids get enough sleep and everyone swiftly moved away to accommodate so no harm no foul. Im also impressed that the guy had the stones to walk up to 16 men throwing concrete around and ask them to move.
Thank you to everyone who came and supported me. Im so blown away from the love and encouragement I’ve recieved ever since coming to f3.

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