“Aight, MOSEY!”




THE SCENE: 55, Cool

THE PAX: Belding, Screech, Kimchi, Thriller, Air Head, Dipstick, Catfish (FNG), Thunderbird, Johnny 5, Web

QIC: Yogi



  • Mosey to Ebenezer Church
  • LACs
  • Reverse LACs
  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers

QIC: “Aight, let’s mosey”


QIC: “Aight, let’s mosey”

  • Mosey to KJs -> stop and do 20 Squats -> mosey to the rear of KJs
  • 3 cones were setup for Merkins, back peddles and Squats
  • Mosey back to the starting cone
  • 20 LBCs before we mosey again

Thang 2:

QIC: “Aight, let’s mosey”

  • Hang a right onto Pine Needles then a Left on Grove Blvd
  • Partner WOD -> one lap around the circle on opposite directions-> meet in the middle and perform fist bump merkins (x10)

Thang 3:

QIC: “Aight, let’s mosey”

  • Mosey through the grove stopping at all light poles on your left and perform 5 merkins @ 10 LBCs

Thang 4:

  • Hang a right onto S Ebenezer Rd and then mosey to the back of Sneed Middle School 

  • Partner up into groups of 3
    Partner A: Grab a jump rope and jump until Partner C has completed the number of called reps
  • Partner B: plank
  • Partner C: perform called exercise
  • Rotate when partner C is done



Incline merkins

Decline merkins

 Mosey back to Scrooge…

HR Merkins, Iron Cross, and Burpees while OTW back!


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