Ville to Ville Hill Training Camp

When: 4/12/21                          


The Pax: Yogi, Frodo, Knobby, CDC (QIC)

Conditions:   57 degrees

The Thang


SSH x 10 4CT IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 4CT IC

Squats x 10 4CT IC

Flutter Kicks x 10 4CT IC

BBS x 10 OYO

Mosey to bottom of Rumble Hill


Run to target point.  10 merkins.  Run to start point and perform 1 BBS.  Rinse and repeat, decreasing merkins and increasing BBS by 1 until performing 1 merkin: 10 BBS.

Mosey to back parking lot.


Box jump (or step-up each leg), immediately go into 5 incline merkins.  Rinse and repeat for 5 rounds.

Mosey to roundabout

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to flag


Flutterkicks x 20  4CT IC


Boxcutters x 20 4CT IC


Hello Dollys x 20 4CT IC





The great thing about Qing a workout is that you get to do whatever it is you need for whatever event might be coming up.  I needed some hill work…but not too much mileage…so here we are.  Yogi and Frodo were leading the way.  YHC told Knobby that maybe I needed to tear a meniscus so I can run faster…Tclaps Frodo!  Thanks for letting me lead you today brothers!


  • We have copies of Freed to Lead…let me know if you would like to check one out from our F3 Florence library.
  • If you are looking for a podcast to listen to, check out the 43 Feet, COT, and Roundtable Links on the F3 Florence website.
  • GrowRuck 22 in Myrtle Beach is happening April 30th -May 1st.  Breakdown is 2nd F gathering Friday night.  F3 Bootcamp Saturday morning followed by Coffeeteria and then GrowSchool (leadership training with F3 philosophy).  Saturday night, Ruck CSAUP w/ cadre (equivalent to a Tough).  You can go to some or all of this!
  • Prayers for Knobby’s cousin and family. 
  • Prayers for Frodo and upcoming surgery…he’ll have to be out at least a few days, I suppose.
  • Follow our Ville to Ville Craft Brew Relay team on FB, Instagram, Twitter:  FThree Sheets, to see our team preparation and follow us during the race and post-race fun! 
  • May 8th, QSource is re-launching!  6:30 before Saturday bootcamp.  Come learn some F3 philosophy, the G3L (how to Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, and Leave Right)! 

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