Pom Pom’s – Down for the count…

AO: Scrooge 

Conditions: 35 degrees

Pax (16): Big Worm, Billy Ho, Boucher, Bunker, Cinnamon, Foxy, Geppetto, Jefferson, Night Light, Pinto, Pom Pom (QIC), Sharpie, Shuttlecock, Speedwalker (pre work), Thunderbird, & Web. 

Disclaimer: ✅


  • Little Arm Circles IC x8
  • Reverse IC x8
  • Forward Claps IC x8
  • Overhead Claps IC x8
  • Through the Tunnel IC x8
  • Imperial Walkers IC x8

ABCs OYO…much chatter about the style of font to use while tracing the alphabet. Some Pax chose calligraphy which I wouldn’t recommend. 

The Thang– Pax counted off to form 2 groups for 2 rounds with a Standing 8 count for each round. 

Round 1

  • Count 1- Group 1 did low slow squats while group 2 did a lap around Hoppa’s Yard. Then group 1 ran a lap while group 2 performed the exercises….this would continue for remaining counts. 
  • Count 2- Hand Release Merkins
  • Count 3- Hello Dolly’s 
  • Count 4- Burpees
  • Count 5- Flutter Kicks
  • Count 6- Calf Raises
  • Count 7- V-Ups
  • Count 8- LBCs

Round 2

  • Count 1- Big Boys. This time the group not performing the exercises did a Jailbreak from right side of parking lot to the white fence and back. 
  • Count 2- Carolina Dry Docks
  • Count 3- Freddy Mercury’s
  • Count 4- Mountain Climbers
  • Count 5- Imperial Squat Walkers
  • Count 6- American Hammers
  • Count 7- Bobby Hurleys (for Ginger and Dipstick 😜)
  • • Count 8- Boxcutters 

Announcements: Waterbug and Pacing for Pieces both on March 13th. Go Ruck events coming up, D-Day (see Cinnamon for more information) and Grow Ruck (see Flanders for all the details)

Prayers: Pinto’s father and niece. Pom Pom’s family experienced a few deaths over last two weeks. Pax and family dealing with Covid. 

Non-BOM (with an appropriate 6 feet distance) Sharpie prayed us out. 

Moleskin: it was a little colder than I expected this morning but it warmed up quickly. I’m definitely not a professional when it comes to working out or Q’ing so I appreciate all the Pax for helping me get through. The timing happened to work out great although I had more planned. After the burpees I was whipped so thank goodness we didn’t get to anything else. 

Today’s number was 8 because this life we live deals us blows often times but we have to take them and know that God is right there with us. So we take that’s tan ding 8 count and shake it off and prepare for whatever God has for us. Just know that we can’t do life alone and to first always lean on the Lord for his grace is sufficient, but also lean on this bond we have with F3. #Doyoucare. I keep thinking about that statement and wondering if we truly care. Take time to reach out to pax who not only haven’t been here in awhile but also the pax that are coming because we are all one situation away from disappearing mentally or physically. Thank you guys for what you mean to me and for letting me lead you this morning.

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