Soft Cinny Bear Corners

When:  1/13/21

QIC: CinnaMan

The Pax: Foxy, WeeMan, Pinto, Kimchi, Thriller, Big Worm, Web, Pom Pom, Jefferson (Covid Q), Cinnamon (QIC)

Conditions: 37 degrees F, super gloomy

Disclaimer: Done


  • Smurf Jacks (for Kimchi) x 13
  • SSH x 13 4CT IC
  • IW x 13 4CT IC
  • LAC x 13 fwd 4CT IC
  • LAC x 13 reverse n4CT IC

The Thang – Mosey to Trinity big parking lot

Part 1 – 4 Corners

Stop 1

  • 20- merkins
  • 21- squats
  • 20- merkins
  • 21-squats 

Mosey to Stop 2

  • 20- Carolina dry socks
  • 21- jump squats
  • 20- Carolina dry socks
  • 21- jump squats

Lunge to Stop 3

  • LBC’s
  • 21- Flutter Kicks (2 ct)
  • 20- LBC’s
  • 21-  Flutter Kicks (2 ct)

Mosey to Stop 4

  • 20- Carolina dry socks
  • 21- jump squats
  • 20- Carolina dry socks
  • 21- jump squats

Lunge back to the start

Part 2 – 11’s / Mosey to front parking lot at Trinity for 11’s

Burpees and Big Boys – Start with 1 Burpee mosey to spot 2 for 10 Big Boys. Continue working up on Burpee’s to 10 and down on Big Boys to 1


Non-BOM (with an appropriate 6 feet distance):  Web


I have been reading through a leadership book for a work assignment. In one of the chapters it provided an exercise to write down the names of people that you can be vulnerable with and that will give you unfiltered direct feedback. The exercise stated to write those names on a 1 inch by 1 inch square piece of paper. Being such a small piece of paper you can’t write down but a few names. I was encouraged by being able to write down the names of several of you guys.

I hope and pray that we hold each other accountable and will all be willing to give that tough love when it’s needed. I pray that each of will show up with a spirit of being open to hear that tough love. The men of F3 Florence mean so much to me personally and I know that each of us have a name or two of guys we know need this brotherhood. EH them! Go pick them up and bring them to a workout. Yes I know that means you may be a little inconvenienced. You may have to get up a little earlier. Is it worth it? I bet the answer is yes… Let’s bring more guys on this journey with us. Leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him! SYITG, Cinny


  • Familiarize yourself with F3 Florence social distancing recommendations. 
  • We have copies of Freed to Lead…let me know if you would like to check one out from our F3 Florence library.
  • If you are looking for a podcast to listen to, check out the 43 Feet and COT Links on the F3 Florence website.
  • This sunday at Syrup the Ruckers will be dedicating the miles rucked to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Come out for the Ruck to Remember – MLK
  • Royall Rumble CSAUP on January 30th…it’s gonna be epic!
  • Prayers for the nation
  • Prayers for everyone affected by COVID
  • Prayers for the men that can’t come out for whatever the reason is, martial challenges, work schedules, fartsackedness, sadclown’ism, etc.. etc….

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