Keep ‘Em Guessing

When:  9/30/20


The Pax: Paycheck, Booger, Frodo, Knobby, Bigworm, CDC (QIC)

Conditions:  Nice and cool 60 degrees F

The Thang



SSH x 10 4CT IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 4CT IC

Merkins x 10 4CT IC

Squats x 10 4CT IC

Mosey to Rumble Hill

Hill Workout

Zombie Walk (lunge) down the hill.

Burpee Dans (1 burpee: 4 lunges) back up the hill.

Plank for the six.

Mosey to back parking lot. 


Perform 20 Step-ups (4 Count), run to target point, perform 1 Merkin.  Run back to start point and perform 19 Step-ups, run to target point, perform 2 Merkins.  Rinse and repeat, always adding to 21, until performing 1 Step-up and 20 Merkins.

*Audible around 5 Step-ups/16 Merkins…those were a lot of step-ups. 

**No time for 4 Corners…my goal is to always Overplan and Underdeliver

Mosey to Flag


Flutterkicks x 25 4CT IC

High Plank/Right Arm/Left Arm/High Plank


BOM:  Knobby


Always great to lead you brothers, especially with this excellent weather!  I thought I would go against my normal Bootcamp and be a little leg-heavy today.  YHC may regret that decision later.  Overall, it was a quiet day at Rumble, with minimal Mumblechatter.  Maybe that is just evidence that we were all putting in the work.  See you in the gloom!


  • Check out F3 Florence social distancing recommendations.
  • We have copies of Freed to Lead…let Foxy or me know if you would like to check one out from our F3 Florence library.
  • If you are looking for a podcast to listen to, check out the 43 Feet F3 Nation podcast. Links on the F3 Florence website.
  • Prayers for our nation. 
  • See you at Grayskull tomorrow for some Distance/Speed/Rucking or if you’re in the mood for Iron Pax Challenge Week 5…just kidding! 

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