Hot Humid Monday Madness

Hot Humid Monday Madness

PAX: Tugboat, Thriller, Pinto, Kimchee, Cinnamon, Thunderbird, Swan, BigWorm, Jefferson, FoXy-QIC

Mosey HYard x1
Abe Vigodas (Windmill) IC x15
Mosey HYard x1 

Parking lot-Partnerup for motivation/six

6min amrap: 25 merkins – 25 squats – 1 lap

6min amrap: 25 flutter kicks – 25 LBCs – 1 lap

Mosey to Ebenezer church front parking lot:Suicide Shuffle x 15 spaces (run to first line, backwards run back to beginning…repeat to each further line running backwards to beginning each time)

Mosey to volleyball sand area for Burpee pyramid (starting with 2 because 1 is pointless 😆) 2 to 8 back to 2

Mosey back to Scrooge
Tclaps to Kimchee for running 4+ miles from home to the workout, at least the QIC was his partner and able to carry him thru the workout 😉 
Tclaps to “Thugboat” (formerly known as Tugboat 🤣) for continuing to show up regularly in the gloom

Prayers for Dipstick and family, Thrillers daughter, Swan‘s wife, Belding and all unspoken requests… 

Warpath Wednesday at Veterans Park


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