Monday Morning Coupons

Image 6-29-20 at 7.01 PM



Conditions: Clear, mild, and ripe for Acceleration

PAX: CDC, Dunkin’, Knobby, Spirit Fingers, Paycheck (QIC)


Mosey to Front Door/Planter Box.

Indian Runs down Clarmemont, Right on to Margaret, Right on to Edisto. Halt at light pole. 10 burpees.

Lunge to next telephone pole, then 10 Hand-Release Burpees.

Bear Crawl to next telephone pole.

10 Jump Lunges

Mosey to bottom of Ridgeland Drive

10 Jump Squats

JAILBREAK to top of Ridgeland Drive


The Thang:

Image 6-29-20 at 7.01 PM


AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

In the grass in front of the fence sat a coupon at each fence panel for as far as the eye could see…if you could see 10-15 feet.

Trigger Point: 1 man runs to “the 2 trees over there on the hill” and comes back, the Pax rotate down upon his return. If there is no rotating man from a gap in Pax,  YHC would time it for an equivalent period and call rotate accordingly.

Panel 1:

10 lb kettlebell swingskettlebell_swing_main_1

Panel 2:

20 lb dumbell wood choppers


Panel 3:

20 lb dumbbell wood choppers other foot/shoulder/arm/side/etc


Panel 4:

Cinder Block Cleans (deadlift/curl/overhead press)[yes the picture has kettlebells, use your imagination]


Panel 5:

50 lb Ruck Squats


Panel 6:

Cinder Block King Makers/Blockies

Panel 7:

50lb Kettlebell swings


Standing Single Arm Bent Over Rows (2x, rotate hands; rinse and repeat)maxresdefault-2


-Prayers by Bridesmaid



F O U R T H  




IS THIS SATURDAY! Nurse Jackie is going to host an Epic Q on Saturday to commemorate the birth of our Nation. If you are in town social distancing, start the weekend right.

-Be on the lookout for upcoming email(s) with content reflecting F3 Florence announcements

-Create/Join Twitter if you haven’t, just to follow F3 and PAX general info if nothing else


Stay sharp by picking a category each day below:

[still] Relevant:

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