1 Click and 8 movements


Hot and Humid


Pax: Belding (respect), BigWorm, Cinnamon,NurseJackie,Ginger,Tugboat, Banjo,Pinto,Boucher, FoXy

Warmup: Tennis court zig-zag mosey

100 SSH – 1 lap Hoppas yard

75 HRmerkins -1 lap

50 Squats – 1 lap

25 BBsitups

  • Tennis court zig-zag run

100 plank jacks – run to Ballfield fence and back

75 LBCs – fence

50 Squat kicks (25 each) – fence

25 CDdocks – fence

5-1 Burpees across Hoppas yard


Prayers for Banjo Visas, Belding shoulder and upcoming Grand Canyon trip with son, Bandaids leg…our county and world as a whole!

This Saturday:

Clown car to F3 Marion for NJ guest Q

Clown car to F3 Grand Strand for 5yr anniversary

Scrooge convergence with Paycheck

One response to “1 Click and 8 movements”

  1. Good one Foxy!!!! Always appreciate your beatdowns!

    Liked by 1 person

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