One last time…

When:  5/2/20

Virtual QIC: CDC

The Pax: Flanders, Dipstick, Pinto, CDC (QIC)

Conditions: It’s gonna be May! (I mean nice weather.)

The Thang

 *30 minute Ruck or Run prior to this workout for “extra-credit”


SSH x 10 4CT OYO

Through the Tunnel x 10 4CT OYO

Little Arm Circles

  • Forward x 10 4CT OYO
  • Backward x 10 4CT OYO
  • OH Claps x 10 4CT OYO
  • Forward Claps x 10 4CT OYO

Mountain Climbers x 10 4CT OYO

Bears and Blocks

Get in bear crawl position with your cinder block (or whatever you’d like to drag around) on the grass between your knees or feet.  Reach between your legs and pull the block across the grass past your head.  Now, bear crawl forward until the block is between your feet again.  Rinse and repeat until reaching target point.  (A distance of ~25 yards would be great.) 

Run 1 lap around your block

Repeat another round of Bears and Blocks!

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Flutterkicks x 20 4CT OYO

Hello Dollys x 20 4CT OYO

Boxcutters x 20 4CT OYO

High Plank x 1 minute

Low Plank x 1 minute

High Plank x 1 minute

Boxcutters x 20 4CT OYO

Hello Dollys x 20 4CT OYO

Flutterkicks x 20 4CT OYO

Run 1 lap around your block

10 Rounds of Déjà Vu

10 Merkins

10 Big Boy Sit-ups

10 Curls (curl what you got)

10 Squats

Rinse and Repeat x 10!!!


This was a fun workout brothers, even if it was a little shorter than some of the others that I have previously posted. One thing that added a little more to the exercises was my 38 lb puppy that wanted to be involved in any movement that required me to be near the ground. YHC was supposed to be running in the 9th Annual CAPES for Kids race, so for my pre-bootcamp extra credit, decided to run a 5K. I’m glad to be able to play a small role with The CAREHouse of the Pee Dee in addressing the needs of children that experience child abuse and neglect.

The AO name “Vanilla Sky” is pretty strong, which is one of the few things I will miss about it. However, I am excited to head back to the gloom soon with each of you. TClaps to everyone that has made our virtual workouts successful, to those that have encouraged one another, to those that have continued the mumblechatter on messenger, to those that have pushed PAX to other challenges, to those that have continued to come together in prayer and Biblical learning, to those that have made virtual fellowship possible, and in general, to everyone that was able to improvise, adapt, and overcome to avoid deceleration in this difficult time…you are each a High Impact Man!


Lift up the Mohr family with the recent loss of their son. Thank you to all that helped support them during the funeral procession.


  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  Due to multiple recent developments, it is time to reopen F3 Florence AOs with appropriate social distancing guidelines in place.  Both Rumble and Scrooge will be open on Monday, May 4th, 5:30 AM.  A mere 5 hours and 29 minutes after the governor’s changes take place, F3 Florence will be on the front edge and leading the way.  We will also post workouts that may be done virtually for those that are uncomfortable or unable to workout in person.  The gloom belongs to us brothers.  Let’s make an Impact!   
  • *Social Distancing Recommendations for F3 Florence (subject to change):
    • Limit number of PAX in a group to 9. If a group is greater than 9, divide and conquer. (A secondary Q should be available at each workout to lead the primary Qs workout with the other group.)
    • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance at all times between PAX.
    • Avoid partner workouts and avoid sharing workout tools/props
    • If you are sick, stay home.
    • If you have been exposed to someone who has been tested for COVID-19 or who tested positive for COVID-19, contact your friendly-neighborhood infectious diseases specialist for further guidance on the safest time to return to the gloom.
    • No BOM
    • And just for Wee Man, avoid directing any bodily fluids towards or near others before, during, or after workouts.

*While these are all just recommendations, I hope everyone will continue to take it seriously. Florence County has the 6th highest case rate of COVID-19 per 100,000 in South Carolina. There are a lot of extremely inaccurate things being said in regards to this disease. The decision to reopen F3 Florence AOs in this manner was not an easy one, but comes from close counsel with colleagues throughout South Carolina that practice and understand science and medicine, multiple Infectious Diseases specialists and physicians working in public health with DHEC.

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