Will the real V muscle please stand up! Virtual Q

When: April the 29th of the year 2020
QIC: Nurse Jackie; aka: NJ; aka: the V-muscle you didn’t see coming! 
PAX: All of those without excuses (tools of incompetence and bridges to nowhere)
Conditions: in the 60s and just beautiful!
Disclaimer: Not a professional, so be careful… but follow me if you want to have a V muscle! 
Warm up:
All in cadence count (1,2,3…1-35)
35 SSH (jumping jacks) 
35 Imperial Walkers
35 Through the tunnel
35 Little arm circles forward
35 Little arm circles backwards 
35 Overhead claps 
35 Squats
35 Merkins (push ups)
Run down your street counting to 35 Mississippis and run back 
The Thang!
35 minutes AMRAP:
  • Freddy Mercuries (Bicycles) X 35 each leg 
  • LBCs (Baby crunches) X 35
  • American Hammers X 35 each side
  • Flutter Kicks X 35 each leg
  • Plank crunches (knee to elbows) X 35 each leg
  • Heel touches (Lay on your back and touch each heel moving side to side) X 35 each side
  • Low plank X 35 Mississippis
Pledge to the American flag 
Record a video with your hospital name, age, and F3 name post it and send it to Nurse Jackie at 843-610-4825 as my birthday present! 

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