Chutes and Ladders

When:  9/4/19

QIC: Booger

The Pax: Biscuit, Knobby, Booger(QIC)

Conditions: 74 degrees F

The Thang



SSH x 10 4CT IC

Forward LAC x 10 4CT IC

Backwards LAC x 10 4CT IC

Forward Claps x 10 4CT IC

Overhead Claps x 10 4CT IC

Imperial Walker x 10 4CT IC

Slow Low Squats x 10 4CT IC

Through the Tunnel x 10 4CT IC

Merkins x 10 4CT IC

Mosey to 4 Corners

4 Corners, Big Boys at each corner: 10,15,20,25

Mosey to the Light Poles in the Pick Up Lane for Chutes & Ladders

At each pole there is a cone with instructions to do an exercise and then what to do next.  Under some cones there is a die to be rolled which will instruct us where to go next.  As there were only 3 PAX (the THREE BEST PAX IMHO) we decided to this together as a team.


50 SSH

Go to 2


10 Burpees

1-3 Go to 4

4-6 Go to 3


Lap around school

1-3 Go to 4

4-6 Go to 6


30 Dry Docks

1-2 go to 1

3-4 go to 3

5-6 go to 7


40 2C Mountain Climbers

1-2 go to 2

3-4 go to 6

5-6 go to 8


Bear Crawl to 8


Crab walk to 5


15 Burpees

1-2 go to 1

3-4 go to 5

5-6 go to 9


Lap around school

1-2 go to 6

3-4 go to 7

5-6 go to 10


25 HR Merkins

1-2 go to 1

3 go to 8

4-6 You Win!


BOM: Booger


Great job everyone.  Thank you for letting me lead you this morning. This was a fun exercise, but I may have to run it through a game theory algorithm, we did have some trouble getting off the ground which means we were very heavy on SSH and dry docks. Towards the end we modified just to get through, but in the end, make no mistake, we did win! Immediately after winning our game of chutes and ladders knobby found a full can of Orange Fanta. I personally believe in miracles, I’m not sure it’s appropriate to include this in the canon of miracles, but if the Lord was involved, at least he made us laugh!


  • Sign up to Q for 1st and 3rd F.   ( Go to the Menu and click on Q Calendar.  Type your name in an open area next to a workout date.  Do it…or Ginger may come and get you!

Prayers for all the 1st responders that will be working hard over the next few days, prayers also for the folks who are experiencing doubt and anxiety in the face of a stressful situation like a hurricane. Be Mindful that Cooks for Christ will sponsor a chicken bog benefit for Chip Hatchell of Florence on Sept. 12 at the West Florence Fire Station on Pine Needles Road in Florence, contact Michele Hatchell at843-206-8792, Cathy Crawford at 843-992-0501 or Beverly McKee at 843-229-0348 to order your plates.

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