A Royal Tour

building castle palace
Photo by Sivakumar B on Pexels.com


The Scene:  Royal Elementary aka Rumble

Temp: 61F

QIC: Threadcount aka TC

Pax: Bogger, Dunkin, Speedwalker, Yogi, & CDC

Warm up:

15 LAC IC fwd

15 LAC IC Rev

10 Slow Squats IC


10 Through the Tunnel (T3) IC

The Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang:

I broke Rumble into 6 stations.

Station 1: Basket ball court *Partner up

Together complete 50 SSH aproximately 10 yards from the side of the court, wheel barrow partner A to cone at 1/2 crt, 10 BB Sit ups, bear crawl to goal, 10 BBSU, bear crawl back to 1/2 crt, 10 BBSU, Wheel barrow partner B back and complete 50 SSH.

Station 2:  The Hill *partner up

Partner A: Runs up and back  while Partner B does 5 lunges, 5 squats, and 10 SSH – Rinse and repeat till partner A returns .  3 rounds

Station 3: Behind the school *11’s Merkins / box jumps *note 1 merkin = regular merkin on the pavement and then one incline merkin on the curb.  This looked great on paper, but quickly entered into “why did I pick this”

Station 4:  Rear breezeway

Spaced 6 cones approximately 15 yards apart.  Lunge to each cone and then do 10 double count American Hammers

Station 5: Generator area *11’s Froggers and Advanced Mountain Climbers

Station 6: Side parking lot

Spaced 6 cones approximately 20 yards apart, bear crawl to the first cone and do 2 burpees, bear crawl to 2nd cone and do 4 etc…. always adding 2 more burpees to the count at each cone.  Last cone = 12 burpees

We finished up all glad it was over and then walked back to the front parking lot.  Several of us were light headed from the last station.  Signs of a good workout I would say.

COT: Q lead the prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.   Speedwalker mention the upcoming CSAUP in Hartsville, The Fox.


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