CORE: Because my shoulders still hurt from Belding

Rumble Monday 4/22/19

Booger virgin Q*

48 degrees (although it felt warmer)

PAX: Booger(QIC), Biscuit, Paycheck, CDC, Dunkin, Broadway, Monkey, Belding, Big Worm


Little AC forwards and backwards 10C IC

Big AC 10C IC

Imperial walkers 15 C IC

Flutter kicks 10C IC

Hold 90, hold 45, hold 6 inches

Mosey to the block for four corners, first round 10, 15, 20, 25 big boys, second round 10, 20, 30, 40 LBCs

Mosey to the back platforms, partner up, partner A does shoulder taps, partner B does short lap, rinse and repeat times 3

Devil’s bargain: partner A Sprints 30 yd and back, partner B cheers him on, winning team does 5 burpees each, losing team does 7 burpees each. Broadway, who is very quick, nearly won the first round, and subsequently used pine straw and a small bush to break his momentum, get well quick Broadway, on round two Belding tweaked a hamstring. Honestly I thought that more people would jog rather than sprint as there is really is no reason to try to win the sprint just to save yourself from doing two extra burpees, but I guess the same thing that motivates us to get up and exercise at 5:30 in the morning also motivates us to give every exercise 100%. At this point I decided to call an audible rather than continue this exercise before someone seriously hurt themselves or started bleeding.

Indian Run to front of school.  Lt Dan to first light pole, 5 burpees, karaoke to second light pole.

Frog walk back to first light pole, 3 burpees, knuckle drag back to start

Plank, Left arm up, right arm up, left leg up, right leg up, low plank

Counted off, name-a-rama, announcements, prayers, pledge

Announcements: the Fox will be coming up soon at F3 Hartsville, happy birthday Biscuit!

Prayers: pray for Booger’s parents, pray for a hospital coworker whose husband passed away at Nan Ya Plastics, pray for the family of Belding’s friends Thank you brothers for joining me this morning on my virgin Q, the support was overwhelming, 9 PAX showing up for a Monday morning workout during spring break week is truly humbling. Hopefully Broadway has a quick recovery, I will never race him after seeing how quick he is. This was my 4th straight boot camp without bleeding, I’m starting to get nervous.

*BackBlast lovingly posted by CDC

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