Run day, ha ha – with Burpees! Digits tribute

When: 12/22/18

QIC: Johnny 5

The Pax: Thunderbird, Flasher, Dunkin, Spirit Fingers, Knobby, Ginger, Paycheck, Johnny 5

Conditions: 43 degrees and dry!!

The Thang: Disclaimer

Warm Up: Short and Sweet. 15 Through the Tunnels, 15 Imperial Walkers

The Meat: We set off to a planned route of about 3 miles of running, with a caveat – every turn / corner is 10 burpees. So before we left the Rumble parking lot entrance, it had begun. I was “fellow shipping” so much that I passed a planned field trip excursion into the Jeffries Creek Park. We couldn’t miss that, so more burpees and back we went. It was worth seeing the new baptismal pool options for Ginger and Dizzy. We had to deviate from my planned route, which included a short leg down Edisto, because I was starting to get a mutiny. I guess a single file run and sprint across the bridge was to much. So off to plan “B” – back to Ginger hill for some lunges. We then made our way back to Royal retracing our original path. The last short leg of the run was an empty your tank sprint back to the parking lot – well for some it was. Total burpees was 170. Total distance, well that is debatable. Some of the GPS watches had 4 miles, some other professional runners watches had less than that. We probably did less than 4.


BOM: Ginger


Moleskin: Today was not about us, it was about Dianne Wells (Digits) from Lexington SC. Honoring her and the effort it takes to stay motivated and keep pushing. She was an avid runner and part of the FiA sisterhood. Many of us in F3 have wives that participate in FiA or do there own running; that tragedy could have been any one of our spouses. Personally, it is a strong reminder when something like this happens. Never take any time with your family for granted. When I say family, remember that blood is not only way to have family. Only He knows when it is time, don’t waste any! Take time this season to do something unexpected or generous for someone, we are all more blessed than we deserve – share it and be a light for someone. Merry Christmas to my brothers in the suck and gloom!!!!

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