Wet and Wild Monday

Weather: 64 degrees and wet

Pax: Belding; Johnny 5; Dizzy, Ginger, Thriller, T-Bird, Banjo, Brim, Knobby, Yo – Gi (QIC)

Warm up
***Mosey to TKA parking lot
LACs fwd x15
OHCs x15
Fwd claps x15
SSH x15
Low Slow squats x15
IW x15
***Mosey to Sneed, stopping at every light pole on the way there
1st pole
5 merkins
2nd pole
5 burpees
3rd pole
5 merkins
4th pole
10 burpees
5th pole
10 merkins
Line up at the first light pole in the Sneed parking lot for 3 Rds
Prisoner Squats at each pole
Rinse and repeat back to starting point
Squats & merkins
Squats, merkins, and Imperial Walkers
5 jump squats at the next pole
5 squats and 5 jump squats at the final pole
Announcements: Go out and vote tomorrow!
BOM led by T-Bird

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