The Triumphant Return Of Breadstix

Pax Present: Belding, Big Worm, Pinto, Kingpin, Mr. Rogers, Dizzy, Brim, Johnny 5, Ginger, Thriller, Bobby B, Flasher, Defect, Swan, Breadstix (Q)


25 Side Straddle Hop

Mosey to Hopper’s Yard

2 Laps- 10 Burpees at the entrance X2

Mosey to picnic shelter


20 Pull Ups

20 Dips

20 Merkins

Mosey to the tennis courts


4 Corners-

1. 30 4 count flutter kicks.

2. 20 Diamond Merkins

3. 30 LBCs.

4. 20 Squats

Mosey to parking lot.



Breadstix is taking his adopted daughter to visit her siblings this weekend. Their birth mother is giving breadstix and his wife a hard time about it. Pray for favor with her and a good visit.

Continue to remember our law enforcement and those affected by the recent shootings and deaths.

Pray for SpiritFingers this week as he runs for school board. And get out the vote!


2nd F Lunch today at Moe’s.

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