2018 Ragnar Trail Carolinas

Run Camp Sleep Repeat

When: 10/5/18-10/6/18

Where: Anne Springs Close Greenway

QIC: Flanders, CDC

The Pax:

Flotown Flyers– Thunderbird, Chickenhawk, Clarice, Squatter, Johnny 5, Dunkin’, Speedwalker, Flanders (QIC)


Studs or Duds?– Monkey, Paycheck, Spirit Fingers, Pinto, Banjo, Dorothy, Pusher, CDC (QIC)



Conditions:  High 95 degrees F, Low 73 degrees F, extremely humid, aka less than ideal weather for trail running


The Thang


Two 8 man teams

3 loops each

Green Loop: 3.2 miles

Yellow Loop: 5.6 miles

Red Loop: 7.6 miles



Another great Ragnar experience is behind us! We had some new and some experienced Ragnarians with us this year. To paint a picture of how F3 Florence does Ragnar…I need to take you back to the weeks and then hours before the race started. One of the biggest conundrums that continued to present itself the night before (the day of?) was “Who am I riding with? Who is driving?” This led to a frustrated and testy Monkey. Once everyone figured this one out and gradually trickled into the campsite, the real questions began. Oh, yeah…we probably should have brought a shovel flag. Are we the Bad News Bears of F3? Anyway…due to Thunderbird finding out last minute that Tweetie Bird would be starting quarterback in his game Saturday, we needed to make sure Thunderbird was done in time to get there. This led to multiple shifts in runner order and team make-up…an earlier start time for Flotown Flyers…and what many may call the greatest Blue Falcon of Chickhawk in recent history! No problem though…we’re adaptable and only had to deal with some minimal and expected whining by Flanders. The most amazing part of this weekend, in YHC’s opinion, was Studs or Duds? domination over Flotown Flyers. Though starting 1 ½ hours later, Studs or Duds? finished the race first…with two amazing anchors head to head: Pinto and Dunkin’. How did this happen you ask? The Ragnar analysts have multiple speculations. 1)Chickenhawk’s loop order… having to run Red last in the heat. 2)Thunderbird’s off-trail tour (and still stopping for a photo op). 3)Multiple gimpy runners. 4)Every one of Studs or Duds? performing at or above their expected abilities…can we give Tclaps to Paycheck?! He far exceeded what anyone expected and beasted Ragner! Don’t ever count this HIM out! 5)A very energetic, if not slightly inebriated ringer from CLT.  Whatever the reasons…it was pretty cool to finish together with most of us there at the end to get our medals and take a picture.

Something else that we learned this weekend: Don’t give Monkey the wrong drink after he runs. If he wants a water, don’t try to give him a FitAid. If he specifically asks for a beer, don’t give it to him, give him a water. Essentially…whatever he asks or doesn’t ask for…do or don’t give it to him…either way…he is going to be an angry Monkey after running in the heat.

Regardless of the outcome and how we got there, Ragnar proved again to be a great time for fellowship amongst my F3 brothers. YHC is looking forward to Ragnars to come (hopefully with cooler weather)!

PS: Months ago we asked the question: Studs or Duds? I think you guys know the answer. Studs!

PPS:  I tried to think of a catch phrase from this year’s Ragnar that was as good as last year’s “Lance!….Lance!!! (ask us if you are unsure about this story), but I couldn’t come up with one.  If I do, I will make sure to edit this BB.  Fortunately, I did not go through with my idea of a drinking game for every time someone mentions running in a hurricane.  Otherwise, I may not have finished the race.


  • Sign up to Q for 1st and 3rd (https://f3florence.org/) Go to the Menu and click on Q Calendar. Type your name in an open area next to a workout date.
  • Support The CAREHouse of the Pee Dee…sign up for the TOSS N’ TASTE 2018! This cornhole tournament and chili-tasting competition is a fun event at Southern Hops Brewing Company on October 20th. This is a great way to support a child advocacy center in our area that protects children that are victims of abuse and neglect.
  • Prayers for the family of Officer Terrance Carraway-FPD
  • Prayers and praise for: Officer Brian Hart-FPD, Officer Travis Scott-FPD, Officer Scott Williamson-FPD
  • Prayers for Deputy Arie Davis-FCSO
  • Prayers for Investigator Sarah Miller-FCSO
  • Prayers for Investigator Farrah Turner-FCSO

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