Mouse Balls by J5


75 degrees

1.8 miles total

15 PAX– Flanders, Defect, Dizzy, Big Worm, Thriller, Belding, Swan, Kat, Brim, Ginger, King Pin, Nurse Jackie, Knobby, Hillary, Johnny 5


10 S/S Hops

10 Through the Tunnels

10 Groiners

10 Frozen Flutter Kicks

The Thang:

Mosey to the gate by the road and set up the Drunken Indian Run

The first interval group is doing Karaoke run to the with the six doing the normal sprint to the front.

Next interval, group is back to normal Indian run

The last interval to Sneed is another group Karaoke run with six doing his sprints

Mosey to the basketball court for some 4 corner bear crawls.  Split the group up to start on opposite corners.

Using half the ball court: Bear Crawl on the long legs and Side Bear on the short legs one lap.

Everyone finds a park bench and uses the top of the bench back for 10 Decline Merkins and bench seat for 10 Dips

Back to the court for 4 corners for another lap. This time Crawl Bears on the long and Side Bear on the short.

Rinse and repeat the park bench 10 and 10.

Normal Indian Run back to the stop light, then follow the road around to the Tennis Wall.

1/2 Pax doing Balls to the Wall Walk the Wall while other 1/2 does Russian Twists. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the picnic tables for some arm work.  10 Chin-ups and 10 Pull-ups


Flanders co-workers.  Their mothers are not doing well. Nurse Jackie and also his family.  It is not easy being away, you have our support.


“Tandem” for women, being held Oct 6th.  Contact Knobby or his wife for more info.

Friday, Sept 14th will be F3 breakfast at Trinity.  More info to come.


As many of you by now have witnessed, I could use some Q school.  My lack of correct exercise lingo/terminology and all applicable commands for initial warm-up has much to be desired.  But for now, I am OK with that because I like variety; but I am going to work on doing better and assimilating to the prescribed F3 ethos.  As I just typed the last sentence, it reminded me of a saying we have here at work.  “Don’t focus on the mouse balls as the elephants are running by”, just think about that one for awhile.  I started F3 in an effort to get back into exercising but quickly realized that the physical side of the group was only a small part.  The relationships, fellowship, accountability, and motivation are all other aspects of this group that have great value.  So please call me out, hold me accountable, motivate me, place expectations on me; it will only make me better.  Those of us with kids all know how true this is statement is and only wish our children would realize this also before they are out of the house.  Now I need to go print off a bunch of Q stuff from the F3 website!

Thank You, Brothers – J5

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