Speed, Work & “Hook”-hers

Date: 08-2-18

QIC: Yogi

Pax: Flanders, Big Worm, Yogi (QIC)

Weather: A warm & muggy 75 degrees.


Light Mosey 800 x1

20 Calf Raises OYO

High Knees 50m

Frankensteins 20m

Karaoke 50m

Back peddle 50m

Side Shuffle 50m

Main Thang:






Suicides 3/4 of the length of the parking lot where we were joined by T-Bird and Ginger at the last minute.


BOM led by Ginger

Moleskin: The title of the backblast stems from Flanders infactuation with almost naming our FNG, “hook”-Her. The origin of the outburst is because Belle(FNG) said his wife “hooked” him and that was his reason for moving to Florence. Luckily, we avoided this borderline provocative name and gave him Belle since his name was Gaston. Just like one of the characters from the Disney movie. Needless to say, that name could’ve been a lot worse.

Announcements: 2F location remains at Moe’s but has been changed from Tues. @12 to Mon. @12.

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