Track Work

Date: 05-24-18

QIC: Yogi

Pax: Banjo, Hot Pants, Thriller, Big Worm, Yogi (QIC)

Weather: A warm & muggy 73 degrees.


30 Calf Raises OYO

Light Mosey 800 x1

High Knees 50m

Frankensteins 50m

Karaoke 50m

Back peddle 50m

Side Shuffle 20m

Main Thang:






1Rd Hill Sprints

Rd 1

4 trips up the hill and 1min rest at the bottom


BOM led by Banjo

Moleskin: Lots of chatter about Cobra Kai this morning so Yogi did everything he could to put the Daniel lovers in a body bag during speedwork.

Announcements: Johnny 5 has his VQ at scrooge on Saturday

Prayers: Prayers for all the PAX family members with health issues as well as any brothers struggling with any issues.

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