The Pentagon

FB76C466-8B62-41BB-BE25-8EF30928011CConditions: 63 degrees, dry, and cloudy

QIC: Nurse Jackie

PAX: Squatter, Bread Stick, Thunderbird, Booger, Major Payne, Fender, Belding (respect), Big Worm, Carbs, Mopped (respect), Thriller, Pinto, Ginger, Yo-Gi, CDC, Nurse Jackie (Q).

The Thang:

Disclaimer and Welcome

The theme today was The Pentagon. Every count was in cadance to 5.

Warm up:

Side straddle hop, Imperial walker, Through the tunnel, Freddy Mercuries, Fladder kicks, Box Cutters, Hello Dolly, 5 Burpees OYO, one lap around Hoppa’s Yard.

Mousy to tennis courts.

Nurse Jackie called for a plank in each corner of the tennis courts while talking about a “famous 5,” and the same Cadance workout in each corner consisting of: 5 Freddy Mercuries, 5 Fladder kicks, 5 American Hummer,  5 Box cutters, 5 LBCs OYO.

Corner 1: High Plank; The Jackson 5; Cadance workout.

Corner 2: Low Plank; The original Power Rangers; Cadance workout.

Corner 3: Alternate low/high Plank; Spice Girls; Cadance workout.

Corner 4: Alternate low/high Plank; Many things 5s; Cadance workout.

Mousy to baseball field.

”Corner 5:” Nurse Jackie gave historical facts about The Pentagon while calling for Air Chairs, Low/high planks, and then NJ introduced “The Pentagon.”

”The Pentagon” is a course consistent of 2 pentagons formed by cones.

1st Pentagon, the inner Pentagon: Crabwalk; crawl under ropes; Spider-Man crawl; “Lounges;” Forward jump burpee.

2nd Pentagon, the outer one: carry cinder blocks back and forth; suicide runs; carry sandbags back and forth; tire flip x 3; bear crawl.

Each pax had to Jail Break outside the field and then start the course. If they had to wait to start a section they had to do side strudel hops. We did 2 rounds.

Finished with a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

The word: Nurse Jackie spoke about the passing of Cory Guilford and how we need to remember that this life is not eternal, but through Christ we do get eternal life by our Father.

Announcement: Next 2 Saturday’s there will be no workouts at Scrooge (Ebenezer Park). We will meet at Royal Elementary for the launch of the new AO Rumble.

Belding closed with prayer. The PAX did the pledge to the flag.


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  1. Great effort and execution put into this workout. Well done.

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