Smokey and the Bandit

Date: 03-08-18

QIC: Yogi

Pax: Smokey, Yogi (QIC)

Weather: A brisk 33 degrees.


800 x1

Buttkicks 50m

High knees 50m

Side shuffle 50m

karaoke 50m

Main Thang:

100 x 1

200 x 1

400 x 1

600 x 1

800 x 1

400 x 1

Hill Sprints:

3 trips (up & down = 1 trip) and a 30 sec rest at the bottom

1 trip and mosey back to launch pad for namorama and count-off

BOM led by Knobby


Smokey and I got acquainted on a cold and semi windy morning. It appears today that everyone chickened out and chose the blue pill instead of the red by running distance. On a brighter note Banjo showed up with his hammy wrapped and proceeded to run 5+ mi at a brisk pace.

Cooks for Christ @ W. Florence Fire Dept on Pine needles Rd today.


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