Warpath Re-Launch


29 PAX: LambChop,ButterKnife,IceT,Johnny5,Flanders,Squatter,Pinto,Villa,Kat,Dizzy,,MoPed,Monkey,Banjo,Yogi,CDC,SpiritFingers,Clarice,Milton,Tbird,Swan,Dunkin,Thriller,Nancy,Spam,Biscuit,LittleTony, Booger(FNG-Shawn McKay),Flipper(FNG Michael Morris),FoXy!

29 PAX were in attendance for the Beta-test Launch of the OG AMRAP known as WARPATH…Area of Operations formerly known as the Civic Center has been upgraded and expanded to force the QIC to recreate the WARPATH workout around the ALL New “Florence Center”.

The Thang:
Beta-test 30 min AMRAP

A. Starting point
20 SSH (20 Points)

B. Run around new courtyard area, up the hill to entrance to front office area
20 Hand release Merkins (20 Points)

C. Run down hill towards old staircase leading to upstairs concourse
Up/Down stairs x2 (20 points)

D. Leave stairs and head towards original start point
20 LBCs (20 points)

E. Run down sidewalk in front of new ballroom entrance to the end
20 Squats (20 points)

F. Run straight across parking lot to first light pole(E), run around pole and head back to start/finish…1 round and continue…


Moleskin: Welcome FNGs Michael Morris(Flipper) and Shawn Mckay (Booger)to the brotherhood. Tons of mumblechatter and questions to start off the workout but not too much talk during and after the 30min AMRAP beatdown.
Great Job to everyone that came out this morning and continuing to help each other get better! Tclaps to Banjo (6.6 rounds) and Yogi (6.3 rounds) for setting the standard … QIC will now spend the next 30 days looking into making the workout Better and solidifying the exact length of time and course distsnce moving into the March Warpath!

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