Speedwork with Yo-Gi

Date: 02-22-18

QIC: Yogi

Pax: Thunderbird, Banjo, Milton, Flanders, Fender, Nurse Jackie, Yogi (QIC)

Weather: A balmy 66 degrees and foggy.


1 warmup lap (400m)

50m High Knees

50m Butt Kicks

50m Karaoke facing the school

50m Karaoke (reverse) facing the Track field

Main Thang:

400 x 2
2min rest

200 x 2
90 secs rest

600 x 1
2min rest

100 x 2
1min rest

Hill Sprints

Rd 1 – 4 hill sprints (up & back down) with a 1min rest at the bottom

Rd2 – 3 hill sprints with a 1min rest at the bottom

Rd3 – 2 hill sprints with a 1min rest at the bottom

Q calls recover and slow mosey back to the launchpad.

Moleskin: Nurse Jackie was particularly chatty today and seemed to have a new found excitement for speed work. As he frequently false started on most of our speed laps today! Prayers go out to Banjo who happened to injure himself on one of the 100m sprints. We pray for a speedy recovery in hopes of no major injuries. Strong work today by the speed workers as well as the distance runners. Additionally, we’d like to thank our visitors from F3Hartsville that showed up to run distance with the long haulers today.

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