Boucher Q 1/7


QIC: Boucher
Pax: Yogi, Dipstick, Weeman, Bootlegger, Paycheck, Bionic, Bunker, Belding, Frodo, Zillow

Warm up:

SSH IC x25
Little arm circles IC x10
Reverse IC x10
Carolina Dry Docks x10O OYO
Merkin IC x10
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Ice Skaters

The thang:

Follow Q – agility, jailbreak, burpee broad jump – Plank for 6

Do in reverse

Rinse and repeat

Frog jumps, duck walks, bear crawl, Lunge to other side of field – anything but Mosey or Walk – return

Reverse mosey to other side of field to sand bag

Tunnel of love with sandbag down the length of field

5 burpess

Tunnel of love with sandbag down the length of field
Tunnel of love again length of field without sandbag – but crawling

30 merkins OYO

8 cones setup for Suicides
Round 1 – First time back 5 reps LBCs- each time back add 5 reps

Round 2 – First time back 1 rep Squats- each time back double qty

Plank Jacks IC x10 then Jailbreak full suicide 8 cones

Circle up and finished up with Pax call Cadence on exercise of choice.


The only way I can do right and better is through accountability. The only way we can do right by our brothers is accountability. It takes Mad love to hold your brother(s) accountable!

Reach out to a brother and check on him. EH him to 1st F, 2nd F and/or 3rd F!

Prayer: All our brothers, Yogi Daughter, Zillow fam and baby girl, Belding Family, Paycheck fam and friends

Paycheck process with house is finished! PRAISE the Lord!

Welcome back @Zillow and @Bootlegger


Call a brother. EH!

Prayed out by Boucher
Enjoyed every minute! Thank you guys for letting me Q today!

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