2 Mile Rumble Roundabout

The Scene:  49 degrees, a nice morning. 
RUMBLE – “The Center of all things F3 Florence”


Yogi, Wee Man, Bionic, Banana, Sharpie, Frodo(QIC)

I am not a professional / You have not paid to be here/ Push hard when you can/ Take care of yourself


15 – Through the Tunnel

Proceed to 1 Mile warm up 

The Thang:  

Mosey to Lindberg Drive with stops along the way for:

5- 2 count mountain climbers

10- Squats 

15- merkins

20- big boys

Take a break for 5 accelerating sprints with a 5-count burpee countdown (5,4, 3,2,1).

Mosey back to Rumble with stops along the way for:

20- big boys

15- merkins

10- squats

5- 2 count mountain climbers

At the front planter alternate right side plank crawls, left side plank crawls.

Proceed to right parking lot for arms vs abs work.

Two (2) rounds of arm work and two (2) rounds of abs work.

10, 15, 20 count reps followed by laps of varying length and speed.

Mosey home (2.12 miles total trip). 



Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to lead you, I enjoyed it very much.


Prayer requests:  Swamp Fox’s M (loss of her Father). Prayers for travelling PAX.

BOM – Frodo


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