Boucher’s Track Work


Conditions: 45° – Cool and Sunny

QIC: Boucher

Pax: Yogi, Nurse Jackie, Wee Man, Bionic, Paycheck, Dipstick, Bundy, Bunker

Warm up:

SSH IC until Bunker Join Circle
Dry Docks X10 OYO
Squat IC X10

Mosey to Track

The Thang:
Split into even number Pax in 5 Lanes

Lane 1 – Mosey lap around track
Lane 2 – Bear crawl
Lane 3 – Walking lunges
Lane 4 – Burpee Broad Jump
Lane 5 – Crawl Bear

Every Pax moving same direction as Lane 1

When Lane 1 Pax catches up to first Pax everyone reset with Pax

Rotate to next Lane – rinse and repeat until Pax have completed each Lane exercise.

One Lap Mosey Backwards and set up for next iteration…..

Lane 1 – Mosey lap around track
Lane 2 – Burpees
Lane 3 – Merkins
Lane 4 – Lunges
Lane 5 – Squat

Every Pax is stationary doing reps

After each lap Q called Plank and then 1 exercise IC
– Flutter kick, Pickle Pounders, Monkey Humpers

Rinse and repeat until all Pax have completed each Lane exercise

Mosey to underside of bleachers and do X25 pull ups OYO

Moleskin: Glad I was able to lead my brothers in a workout that challenged me (and hopefully it challenged them also!) Paycheck was in time and fired up! T-claps to you sir!

Prayer: Nurse Jackie and Wife new Venture

Announcements: Reaper Oct 22 & Myrtle Beast Oct 29, keep ear out for Rucking events November and December!

BOM – Prayed out by Boucher


Enjoyed every minute!  Thank you guys for letting me Q today!

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