banana’s Industrial circuit beating

QIC- banana


Side straddle hops x20

Through the tunnelx15

Little arm circles x15

Forward claps x15

Low and slow squats 30 oyo


Flat hand away from body block hold, palms facing the sky mosey over to bleachers and picnic tables.

100 step ups alternating legs

100 dips

In sets of 20……OYO

Overhead carry block mosey back to parking lot

11 different exercises setup- 1 being the timer to rotate- the timer was : using lifting sling straddled over each shoulder, pull 5ton capacity chain hoist across parking lot and back. At each complete circuit a rotation between:

1. Battle chains

2.chain hoist dead lift

3. Steel shaft curls



6.kingmakers with block

7. Plank

8. Block curls

9. BBS’s

10. Can’t remember

After everyone hit every section we partnered up on the group broga mat.

Partner 1 laid on mat and held partner 2 ‘s ankles while partner 2 threw partner 1’s legs: leg throws x12 reps

After 12 reps partner 2 ran to other end of parking lot while partner 1 did merkins.

This circuit was done twice

Mosey back to circle up by vehicles

Announcements: ramp build opportunity again this weekend- Friday and Saturday

IPC workouts to continue through the week

Praying for Tender Spice and his paperwork to be finalized

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