IronPax Reminder Weemix

August 24th 2022

Location: AO – Scrooge

The Scene: 73° – humid

Q: Wee Man

PAX: Squatter, Bionic, Banana, Thriller, Belding, Swamp Fox, Cinnamon, Saw Dust, Gov’na, Wee Man (QIC)

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional / you haven’t paid to be here / workout at your own pace and your own risk / Modify if needed


15 – SSH 4CT IC

10 – Imperial Walkers around the circle

10 – Money Mayweathers

The Thang:

Mosey to EBC Youth Building Parking Lot

Killer B’s – 2019 IronPax Week 1 remix

2 Rounds:

*Broad jump 15 yards

*10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg), 10 BigBoi SitUps

*Broad jump 15 yards

*10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg)10 BigBoi SitUps

*Broad jump 15 yards

*10 burpees, 10 BonnieBlairs (count each leg, 10 BigBoi SitUps

*Bearcrawl 45 yards back to “Starting Line”


Mosey to circle and grab Cinderblocks

50 Thrusters but 5 Burpees at start of timer and EMOM

Recover, then:

10 Cindy curls

5 Cindy tricep press

Repeat 5 times OYO

15 – Money Mayweathers 4CT IC


25 Flutter Kicks 4CT IC

Protractor – Q ° Choice for 1 min

15 Box Cutters 4CT IC

6 Pickle Pounders 4CT IC (that’s all it takes)

10 Cindy Big Boi’s with block press at top

Name O Rama


BOM – Wee Man

Prayer Requests:

Cinny Ex Coworker Family that lost a child


Signup for IronPax Challenge (IPC) 2022 – Link in Mumblechatter

August 28th – This Sunday – AO Syrup

– Standard 05:30am start

– XL 04:00am start

– XXL 02:15am start

-Get with Wee if want to do XXL or XL

September 10th – Convergence at Scrooge (No Southpaw) – Nurse Jackie – Q

September 11th – Special Syrup 9/11 Ruck – Cinnamon – Q


Thanks for letting me lead Scrooge this morning. It’s fun to Q at different AO’s and see Pax I don’t usually workout with. I wanted to do a small sample of an IPC workout. It was a eye opener for some pax that haven’t done IPC but I know we can crush it as a region and have some strong representation!

Thanks for all your friendships and brotherhood. You guys mean a lot to me.

⁃ Wee

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