David was a Pup…but he won’t no Punk!

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1 Samuel 17:1-37

David and Goliath is one of the most familiar stories in all of the Bible…even for those who know nothing about the Bible. It’s the original underdog tail. The problem is that there are so many more lessons to take away from the story other than “God can take down anyone” and “Never underestimate a kid with a slingshot.”

Over the next three weeks I want to take a deeper dive and tease out some of the not so obvious lessons found in the story.

1 Samuel 17:12-20

Thought number 1:

-The morning of his fight with Goliath, David had already walked/run the 15 miles from his home in Bethlehem to the Valley Elah. His dad had sent him with an ephah of roasted grain which would have weighed 36 pounds. He also sent 10 cheeses to the commander of the army. So let’s say he carried at least 45 pounds total including his shepherd staff he had with him, his personal possessions and gear like his sling.

Thought Number 2:

1 Samuel 17:14 says that David went back and forth from Bethlehem to the battle lines frequently. We can’t assume that he always carried as many supplies to the fight as he did this day but he had three brothers fighting the war and Jesse probably wanted to do anything he could to supply the army and assure their victory. It is reasonable to assume that there were times David took less with him and times he took more. Keep in mind that there is little reason for David to travel back and forth to the battle line other than to take supplies. He was the one responsible to care for the family flock and a wasted trip endangered the family flock. The only advantage of sending David on the 30 miles round trip would be to gather information on the brothers and the war. That’s doesn’t seem worth the risk to the flock.

Take Away Number 1:

God was able to use David in this battle because David was physically ready. Are you physically ready to withstand the battles you face? With every passing day, week, month, and year your physical health becomes more important and more difficult to maintain. Of course we look to God for our ultimate strength but why should He come to our rescue if we won’t do our part?

1 Samuel 17:31-37

Thought Number 3:

-David details to Saul his experience of rescuing sheep from the mouths of lions and bears. It is not communicated as a one off event but something that had happened multiple times.

Thought Number 4:

-If a lion or a bear snatched a sheep from my flock and had it in its mouth you wouldn’t see Matt Walton going after it. I’d be cutting my losses. But not David. Every sheep mattered to David and being a faithful steward of those few sheep prepared him to be a faithful steward of Israel as a whole.

Thought Number 5:

-The old saying is, “Don’t poke the bear.” David ran after bears (and lions), struck them, and rescued the sheep from their mouths. When they turned on him, he seized them by the hair, struck it, and killed it.

Thought Number 6:

— David fully trusted that his fight with Goliath would go the same way though he had never fought a giant. Why was he so confident?
– “The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” (1 Samuel 17:37)

Thought Number 7:

— The issue was never the opponent David faced; it was the God who delivered him. He didn’t credit his wins over lions and bears to experience or natural ability or even courage. He chalked them up to the Lord delivering him. As a result, Goliath was no more of a threat to him than those lions and bears were.
– Do I believe in a God who still delivers? Do I look at my circumstances in light of my experience or in light of my God?

Take Away Number 2:

-If God is your source of strength then God will get all the glory for your victories.

Take Away Number 3:

-If the victory rests with the Lord it doesn’t matter who the opponent is.

Take Away Number 4:

-You’ll never be ready for the giants if you keep ducking the lions and the bears.

Image source: https://tikvahfund.org/tikvah-online/the-original-david-and-goliath-story/

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