AO: Southpaw
Conditions: Van Gough sky and 69 with a breeze worth blogging about!

The Pax: Bundy - WELCOME BACK; Dipstick; Dogpaddle - FNG…WELCOME; Jefferson - RESPECT; Paycheck (QIC, YHC)

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional; work out at your own risk. Modify as needed but challenge yourself to improve yourself.

Warmup: x10, in cadence
- Forward claps
- Prisoner Squat
- Imperial Walkers
- High Knees
- Mountain Climbers
- Hand Release Merkins

The Thang:

Block I: Parking Spot AMRAP (PSA)

Lynchpin/Rotator: at the smiley face parking spot is a 50 lb kettlebell. Farmer carry 30 yards to grass, switch hands, return to smiley face.

- 45lb plate: Curls
- Kingmakers with Orangeland 3 hole coupon
- 20 lb woodchopper L>R
- 20 lb woodchoper R>L

Rinse and Repeat x 3 Rounds.

Block II: Side Hustle.

Mosey 15 yards to Paul Blart gate for Mini Run Group.
-Spicy Mosey to speed bump for 10 Hand Release Merkins and high plank for The Six.
- Rinse and repeat to remaining 2 speed bumps.
-Spicy Mosey to Oak Tree. Speaking of trees. Al Gore 30 seconds (squat and tree hug pose).
-Fancy Fresh Painted Curb: Curb Prisoner Lunge: 10 each leg. Ball of foot to curb.
- Flapjack on speedbump work, but sub Merkins for 5 Bonnie Blairs (single count)

Block III: PSA

Smileyface KB lynchpin
- 45 lb plate: Good Mornings
- Orangeland Coupon: Kingmakers
- Rogue Stubby Axle (20lb): standing ab twists OR (audible addition, round 2)20lb wife kettlebell halos
- combine 20lb dumbells: Standing bent row

Victory Lap: main parking lot.

MARY- Round Robin

- Paycheck: Heels to Heaven x 10 in cadence (IC)
- Bundy: bicycles,IC x 10
- Dogpaddle: hip bridge x 10
- Dipstick: Freddy Mercury burnout x ☠️
- Jefferson: Little Baby Crunches x 20
Challenge: Think of 1 thing right in front of you that you could do right now, today that you could improve even .01% better and do that.
Rinse and repeat daily (approximate paraphrase from JP’s 12
Rules for Life)
COT: Dipstick, Bundy.

-All are welcome to Book Club. El Agave 12-1PM Fridays. Current book: 12 Rules for life, Ch 4&5 upcoming.

-Ruck at Syrup (Maple Park) tomorrow 5:30-7:15

- 2nd F (Fellowship): run group on Tuesday afternoon at Local Motive? See Slack Channel for details. Moe Monday? See Slack.


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