Wee Block Smack

Date: 07/23/22

The Scene: 77° – Clouds thick on West but Sunny on East

QIC:Wee Man

PAX: CDC, Cinnamon, Dipstick, Bunker, Long Drive, Mr, Mom, Wee Man (QIC)

Disclaimer:I am not a professional / You have not paid to be here/ Push hard when you can/ Take care of yourself

15 – forward arm circles 4CT IC
30 – SSH – 4CT IC
15 – Imperial Walkers around the circle

The Thang:
Grab a CinderBlock or borrow one from Dipstick. Can be a new model or choose a 1950’s model if you want some heavier weight

100 Thrusters (hold Cindy at chest, squat, push to overhead press) BUT….. EMOM do 5 Burpees, then resume your count to 100.

After most pax got to 50, Q called a pause. The lowest count we had to Bear Crawl that distance by counting every time right hand touched the ground (i.e. 42, 42 bear steps across parking lot). Then lunge back.

10 Big Boys Sit-ups

30 Flutter Kicks – 4CT IC

Resume Thruster count with Burpee EMOM

With ~20 left, max effort Thrusters to finish in 1 min.

Bear Run 42 steps (like bear crawl but fast like bear running)

Circle up for Mary

Plank for 2 min

20 Pickle Pounders OYO

20 Big Boy Sit-ups with Block Press at the Top

Today was supposed to be a Wee-Keds Co-Q but Keds had to work over the weekend so I took full reign. It was good to have 7 PAX for Southpaw and everyone put their all into the workout this morning. Long Drive SET THE STANDARD with Bear Runs and actually ran on all fours faster than I’ve ever seen someone perform this task. Dipstick paused and processed what he saw, then duplicated form to compete with Long Drive on distance; thereby winning the impromptu distance competition portion of the Q. The weather was great as well which made for a bodacious pic.


Prayer requests: Continued prayers for Dipstick’s Grandfather. Prayers for PAX families going through day to day life with speed bumps. Prayers for Pom Poms family.

BOM – Bunker (don’t move. We gonna miss ya)


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