ABC’s and Be Still

ABC’s and Be Still

Date: 7-18-22

The Scene: 74 degrees, clear. RUMBLE – “The Center of all things F3 Florence”


PAX:Bunker, Yogi (2 miles running prework), Sharpie, Dipstick, Frodo (QIC)

Disclaimer:I am not a professional / You have not paid to be here/ Push hard when you can/ Take care of yourself

15 forward arm circles
15 reverse arm circles
15 – Through the Tunnel
30 seconds you stretch

The Thang:
Mosey to map point “A” for four (4) rounds of ABC.
Start each round with a one-minute plank, 25 reps at each map point A, B and C.
Round 1 and 2
A= Big boys
B= Merkins
C= 2 Count flutter kicks

Round 3 and 4
A= Side straddle hop
B= Dying cockroaches
C= Squats

Mosey to the brick wall for a 3-minute wall sit (pass the block)
Mosey to Table Rock, bear crawl to half court, one minute plank, bear crawl to end line (repeat 2 times)
Mosey to monkey bars for dead hang (repeat 3 times). Look ahead to Myrtle Beast.
Mosey home (1.67 miles total trip).

Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to lead you, I enjoyed it very much.
Word of the day: Psalm 46 God is our Fortress, “Be still and know that I am God.”


Prayer requests: Praise report for Dipstick’s cousin and continued prayers for Dipstick’s Grandfather. Prayers for travelling PAX.

BOM – Frodo

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