Is your weight heavy? Let a PAX help carry it…


77 degrees, clear skies.

PAX: Sharpie, Dipstick, Long Drive, McGregor, Bunker, Breadstick (QIC), Hasslehoff (FNG), PawPatrol (FNG), Orbit (FNG)



20 LAC’s

Mosey with Coupons to track

The Thang:


⁃ Each Lap around track earns you 100 points

⁃ Each rep earns you 1 One point

⁃ Points are earned by both partner A & B

⁃ Must carry a team weight (cinder block or sandbag)

⁃ Either the runner or the repper can carry the weight but it can’t be left behind.

Partner A starts lap, Partner B earns reps, switch — Round is completed once both partners have completed a lap.

Rep Rounds: (in this order)

R1: MAX Squats

R2: MAX 2 Count Flutter Kicks

R3: MAX Burpees (King Makers if you so choose to keep the team weight)


R5: MAX Merkins

R6: MAX SSH (Single Count)

R7: MAX Lieutenant Dans

R8: MAX Monkey Humpers


Winners with 2,618 points: Dipstick/Sharpie aka SharpStick – great work! Enjoy some beef jerky!

The reason the team weight existed in this workout is to show the value in being able to share weight with a brother. Doing this workout by yourself with a team weight means you couldn’t transfer the weight. Many men go through life never sharing their weight with a brother, they carry it until it crushes them. F3 exists in part, to join brothers together in community.

If you have a weight you’ve been carrying by yourself, share it with a brother in our PAX today! FNG’s, welcome, you are a part of this PAX now.

Thanks for letting me lead today! You all pushed yourself, crushing your own expectations.

BOM: Sharpie



Luke Evans: Is a lifeguard at the YMCA and a filmmaker. Named Hasslehoff after the legend of Baywatch, David Hasslehoff.

Andrew Evans: Training his Rottweiler, rides a motorcycle. Aptly named, Paw Patrol.

Ethan Kasitz: Has a wife and a two year old daughter, trying to figures out life. Named Orbit because of his infectious full smile even in the pain of a workout.


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