Philos Phlag Phootball

AO: Scrooge

Flanders (QIC), Belding, Airhead, MadCow, Pinto, Yogi, Spirit Fingers, Web, Big Worm, Fisherman, Kimchi, Thriller, Tugboat, JAX (QIC)

1 lap, arm circles x 10 (forward and reverse), 1/2 lap, SSH x 15, 1/2 lap, squats x 15, merkins x 10, Mt climbers x 15…..I think

The Thang:


-1 center
-1 QB
-QB must be at least 5 yards from LOS
-QB can only scramble when rushed
-QB just release ball in 3 seconds (3 second count must audibly come from sideline)
-Sub between plays only
-Offense must score in 4 plays or else turnover
-Spirit Fingers audible (5 burpees per turnover. Nice addition!)
-QB can only scramble when blitzed
-Defense allowed 1 blitz per drive
-Team allowing score must perform exercise chosen by scoring team (max 30 rep count)
-Running plays are allowed but must be handoffs/backwards passes if not a blitz induced QB scramble
-Trick plays are allowed


Prayer Requests
-Spirit Fingers and Flanders’ fathers, Yogi’s Wife’s G’Ma passing and family grieving

Praise Reports
-Thriller’s daughter – 6 months seizure free
-Flanders friend’s daughter
-Big Worm – Wife’s aunt cancer treatment

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