Metal Monday/Buc-ees Welcome Party

AO: Rumble


Conditions: Good

The Pax (9):

  • Pre-Ruck/Run: Speedwalker, Wee Man, Paycheck
  • Bootcamp: Bridesmaid, Bunker, Dipstick, Monkey, Mr. Rogers, Sharpie, Wee-Man, Paycheck (QIC)

Warmup: x 10. In Cadence/ 1-2-3 “BUC-EES”:

  • Shoulders/The Guns: Overhead,Claps;Foward Claps; Big Arm Circles (foward; back); Cherry Pickers; Cherry Pickers (reprise)
  • Back/ The V Muscle/ Guns: Thru the Tunnel; Inchworms
  • Trunk: Big Boi Jump Squats (Smack pavement; Jump Up, arms with full extend); Bonnie Blairs; Mountain Climbers; Shoulder Taps; Hand Release Merkins

Side Note: Today is opening day for Buc-ees. It started to feel a little bit like Christmas and the excitement got so extreme that cadence numbers were replaced with “BUC-EES!”

Mosey to front entrance, upgrade to First Class, choose your Luxurious Concrete Square (LCS) for 2 rounds of:

  • V Ups x 10;
  • Freddie Mercuries x 20;
  • Heels to Heaven x 10
  • Hand release Merkins x 10

Break into 4-man teams (2) for an Indian Run to the end of the road…AUDIBLE: “that might be a drug deal”(stopped car was talking way too long to pedestrian), left down 4 corner lane, left again through The Tunnel/ covered walkway, straight to the LED sign, Left to the Landing Strip of Coupons.

The Thang:

  • A): Javoreks (20 lb dumbells: standing fly; raise; upright row)
  • B): Pullups
  • C): 110 lb deadlifts (45×2+ Rogue Stubby Axle)
  • D): 40lb Ruck Good Mornings
  • E): 50lb Kettlebell Swing
  • F): Cinderblock Step Ups (~30″ brick platform)
  • G): LYNCHPIN: Run to bike rack to station A; Rotate.
  • Mosey back to launchpad, who hasn’t Q’d in a while: Bunker’s choice: Plank Merkin Countdowns

Challenge: There are 30 Proverbs. Today is the 16th. Read Proverbs 16.

Announcements: 2.0 Workout 5.28.22 at Scrooge AKA Ebenezer Park. THERE IS AN UNOFFICIAL ‘RUCK THE BUC’ Ruck Event forthcoming, an unofficial T-Shirt, and an unofficial hype vid in the works…maybe. Time will tell.

BOM; Prayer; Pledge

AO: Rumble

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