I thought about doing crazy 8’s but some other crazy 8 happened…

QIC: Pinto

PAX: Chilla, Big Hurt, Web, Big Worm, Tender Spice, Swamp Fox, Squatter, Belding, Hawk, Kimchi, Jefferson, Pinto

Imperial Walkers
Hip Taps
2 Laps around Hoppa’s yard.

The Thang:
1:2 Rep Ratio increasing from 1 rep to 10 until reps of each exercise are 10 & 20.
– Round 1: Merkins & raise the roof.
– 1 Lap.
– Round 2: Squats & Lunges.
– 1 Lap.
– Round 3: Plank Jacks & 2-count Mt. Climbers
– 1 Lap.
– Round 4: Big boy sit-ups & 2-count Freddy Mercury’s.
– 1 Lap.

Bear crawl length of yard. Every 10th step (single hand) perform 3 merkins.
Lunge length of yard. Every 10th step perform 5 squats.
2 laps.

Congrats to Web’s brother. Latest pax to join ACS Technologies. Also his roommate is doing better.
Prayers for the Ginger household as they battle with a stomach bug.
Prayers for Yogi and his aunts health issues.
Be in attendance for this Friday’s 3rd F with Tender Spice taking the Q.
CONGRATULATIONS to Squatter. You thought he was done but since he’s young and capable why count him out. Number 8 is on the way. Due in October.


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