The Week of Nurse Jackie Day 1

Date: 05/02/2022

Weather: mid 60s, clear skies, and perfect breeze

QIC: Nurse Jackie

PAX: Web; Big Hurt; Big Worm; Thriller; Gov’na; Swamp Fox; Chilla; Pinto; Belding; Sharpie; Gouda; Nurse Jackie (QIC)

The Thang:

Disclaimer and Welcome


  • 37 4-count Side Straddle Hops (for NJ’s birthday)
  • 10 4-count Imperial Walkers
  • 10 4-count Through the tunnel
  • 10 4-count Merkins
  • 10 OYO Squats
  • 10 4-count Freddy Mercuries
  • 10 4-count Flutter Kicks
  • 10 4-count Freddy Mercuries
  • 10 4-count Box Cutters
  • 10 4-count Freddy Mercuries
  • 10 4-count Hello Dollies
  • 10 4-count Freddy Mercuries
  • Hold 6 inches, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees rotation
  • Mosey 1 lap around Hoppa’s Yard


Nurse Jackie had 4 corners set with small cones and lights inside of them. The PAX picks a corner and they would move between the cones with a workout and the do a different workout at the cone. When they were back to the original cone it would count as a Round. It was an AMRAP, with a timer of 4 minutes, each with different workouts.


  • 1st: Bear crawl between cones + 15 Merkins at each cone
  • 2nd: Lounges between cones + 10 Squats
  • 3rd: Crab Walk between cones + 20 LBCs
  • 4th: Broad Jump Burpee + 20 single count Side Straddle Hops
  • 5th: Slow Walk + 4-count (10) Flutter Kicks


  • Announcements: The week of Nurse Jackie continues. The next 2.0s workouts are coming up; one at the end of the month to also celebrate our anniversary with our kids; and one the day before Father’s Day. This coming Friday there is a MARCH event with pier fishing happening in Myrtle Beach.
  • Prayers: Co-habitation issues, health problems, and praise for safe travels.


This is the week of Nurse Jackie. Funny enough, I did not plan to be right after my birthday. I told the PAX at the beginning that I just picked the first full week with no Qs. We have serval of those and I encouraged them to sign up to Q. They all got points for just showing up. They also got points for each round they completed. Gov’na got extra points for being my watch. At the end of the week the PAX with the most points will win a prize. I encouraged them to EH old PAX and FNGs.

This morning was a lot of fun. Scrooge is my original AO and it was great coming back. I am looking forward to staying here for a while as the other AOs have PAXs closer to those areas.

I shared with the PAX how Wee-Man encouraged us during The Fox in Hartsville, to only say and think positive thoughts. I shared how it made a difference on us finishing as strong as we did.

The weather was perfect and the “mumblechatter” didn’t stop. We encouraged each other and we also had some jokes. Can’t wait to continue the Week of Nurse Jackie.

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