The Opener and Closer – Block Edition


AO: Scrooge

Weather: 54° , clear skies

Q: Wee Man

Pax: Wee Man (QIC), Yogi, Swamp Fox, Mr. Rogers, Gov’na, Squatter, Pom Pom, Cinnamon, Chilla, Web, Keds, Pinto, Big Hurt, Thriller

10 – Imperial Walkers x 4CT IC
10 – Hill Billies x 4CT IC
10 – SSH x 4CT IC

The Thang:

The Opener and Closer – Block Edition

Designed by UHaul 2018 for Rucks

Modified for Blocks by Wee Man 2022

With your block:

• Overhead Hold x 3 minutes and Round Robin Discussion of when you had your first F3 workout and who was the Q.

• Upright Row x 20

• Overhead Hold x 2 minutes – Continued Round Robin Discussion above then Second Question: Who EH’d you to come to F3

• Upright Row x 10

• Overhead Hold x 1 minute – Continued Round Robin Discussion

• Upright Row x 5

Bear Hug or cradle your block and perform:

• Alternating lunges x 30 (15 each leg)

• Squats x 30

• Alternating lunges x 20 (10 each leg)

• Squats x 20

• Alternating lunges x 10 (5 each leg)

• Squats x 10

• Lap around Hoppas Yard

Plank and perform:

• Plank x 3 minutes – Round Robin Discussion: Why do you keep coming back to F3? What have you gained by being in F3?

• Burpees x 20

• Plank x 2 minutes – Continued Round Robin

• Burpees x 10

• Plank x 1 minute – Continued Round Robin

• Burpees x 5

• Lap around Hoppas Yard

Close out with:

• 25 – 4CT Flutter kicks IC, holding block in pressed position

• 6 inch hold” x 2 minute (keep holding block pressed for added misery)

• 25 – 4CT Flutter kicks IC, holding block pressed

• “6 inch hold” x 1 minute

NOTE: “6 inch hold”: laying on your back, lift feet 6″ off the ground and hold. If you have no lower back issues, hold your block. If you do have lower back issues, put your block to the side.

All PAX performed 6 Penalty Burpees for the 6 PAX that did not bring blocks.


Prayer requests:
Continued Prayers for Big Hurt Family

Other Pax Prayer Requests

BOM – Squatter



This Q was not going to have any running but felt bad so I added two total laps around Hoppas Yard to give the PAX some rest. Last time I was at Scrooge, the Q (Squatter) had us run 3 miles with pain stations for a Spartan Training Session. This was my “payback” pain for a strong running AO. Hopefully they all enjoyed it somewhat or at least felt it later on.

At the end I read a quote by George Macdonald:

My Neighbor
A man must not choose his neighbor: he must take the neighbor that God sends him. . . . The neighbor is just the man who is next to you at the moment, the man with whom any business has brought you into contact.

Encouraged the PAX to take note of who is around you throughout the day and it is your choice on how to interact with that person. That person has a soul as well and if you are a believer, we must love our neighbor as instructed by Jesus Christ.

Ref: Mark 12:29-31

Thank you for letting me lead you today.

Wee-Man out.

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