Spartan Race Training Q


AO: Southpaw

Weather: 32° , clear view

Pax: Dipstick, Mr. Mom, Frodo, Big Hurt, Sharpie (qic), Breadstick, Nurse Jackie

Through the tunnel 10c IC
Calf stretches (it was at this point big hurt let us know there is no benefit to pre work out stretching)
Little arm circles 10c IC
Ssh 10c IC

1st Thang:

Spartan obstacle training stations
Rotate each Station after tire flips complete.
1st station, tractor tire flip
2nd station, tractor tire rope pull
3rd Station, 80lb sandbag Lt Dan across field
4th Station, bear crawl while dragging 60lb sandbag
5th Station, same as 4th
6th Station, shoulder carry mulch bag across field perform 10 exercises (dealers choice)
7th Station, bear hug carry mulch bag across field, perform 10 exercises ( dealers choice).
18 minutes

2nd Thang:

tag your it
Partner up.
Partner a takes off running circling field, while Partner b wears rucksack and farmer carries 2 cinder blocks. If you have to put blocks down 5 burpee penalty.
When a catches up to b and tags them. 5 burpees then flap jack. Partner A starts the carry and b chases after them. Continue for 18 minutes
Time went over because my watch messed up somehow.

3rd Thang:

Spartan burpee readiness test
5 minutes of burpees oyo.
Do as much as you can.
I got 51


Prayer requests:
My co-workers wife’s on ventilator, Monkeys family, safe travels for the Wee family




Thank you guys for allowing me to Q. I tried thinking of exercises that were similar to the ones we will encounter during the partner race, in preparation to get ready, while still being fun. Thanks to wee man for lending bags, thanks to dipstuck and breadstick for bringing the big tires.

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