Don’t Take Health for Granite 🪨


AO: Rumble (Classic Paycheck Field Trip ™️)

The Pax: Frodo, Moodle, Nurse Jackie, Paycheck(Q), Sharpie, Spirit Fingers, Wee Man

The Disclaimer: I am not a professional, work out at your own risk, give it your best, modify as needed

The Warmup:

(Rucks optional)

# = In Cadence:

-Forward Claps x10 #

-Overhead Claps x10 #

-Prisoner Squats x 20 #

-Imperial Walkers x20 #

-10 hand release Merkins OYO

-high plank

-Slomountain climbers #

-shoulder taps x20 #

Mosey to rock pile

Grab a granite boulder

Every stop sign (5)

Ruck with coupon down Wisteria, stopping at each intersection for (with ruck and coupon):

5 squats

5 Good Mornings

Then, next stop sign:

5 squats

5 Thrusters (Deadlift>Curl>Overhead Press)

Alternate each stop

Total stops: 6


Arrive at Jeffries Creek Park.


T H A N G:

Jeffries Creek Playground- Every Minute On The Minute (JCP EMOM)

Every Minute On the Minute Stations (with ruck encouraged)

Station 1 and 6– Standing Swingset Ab Rollout

Station 2 and 7– Swingset Australian Pullups

Station3: -rock chuck station (at sandy area, squat with rock, shooting a rebound motion, release explosively but carefully, rinse and repeat)

Station 4– Bench side step-ups with rock (about-face each repetition)

Station 5 – Weighted picnic table Dips

Rinse and repeat until time


BURNER TIME… Everyone for 20:

– Explosive Incline to Standing Picnic Tabletop Merkins (from incline to standing = 1 repetition). …Audible: 10 and any more is extra credit.

Find your granite; Ruck Back to launchpad!

Stop Signs:

-(skipped stop sign 1 for time…)

-5 jump squats with rock

-5 jump squats with rock, 5 hand release Merkins

-5 Bonnie Blairs with rock, 5 squats with rick, 5 Hand release Merkins

-10 overhead presses

Mosey to Launchpad

Announcements: 2nd F (Fellowship) Moe’s Monday at 12ish to 1ish.

Tuesday: Wee Man Southpaw Q (South Florence HS

Wednesday: Spirit Fingers: Rumble Q)

Q School: Potentially Saturday at Southpaw with Nurse Jackie! More to come.

Monkey has a pending Royal Rumble event for early this year.

Based on the success of this weekend’s GoRuck Cloverleaf, another GoRuck Cloverleaf is being planned and will be held at F3 Marion around April 16.

Circle of Trust



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