She Said REST!!!

AO: Rumble

PAX: Belding, Sharpie, Jefferson, Yogi, Frodo, Bunker, Big Hurt, JAX (QIC)


SSH x20 IC

Plank Jacks x20 IC

Mountain Climbers x20 OYO

Mosey to corner of street

The Thang

EMOM Round 1

Squats (60 sec)

High Knees (60 sec)

Reverse Lunges (60 sec)

High Knees (60 sec)

Explosive Lunges (60 sec)

High Knees (60 sec)

Squat Jumps (60 sec)

High Knees (60 sec)

Indian run up hill to Lindberg Dr

EMOM Round 2

Merkins (60 sec)

Shoulder Taps (60 sec)

Dry Docks (60 sec)

Shoulder Taps (60 sec)

Plank Walks (60 sec)

Shoulder Taps (60 sec)

Alternating Deltoid Combo (60 sec)S

Shoulder Taps (60 sec)

Indian run back to Woodstone Dr

EMOM Round 3

Burpees (60 sec)

Squat Jacks (60 sec)

Interrupted Burpees (60 sec)

Squat Jacks (60 sec)

Up Downs (60 sec)

Star Jumps (60 sec)

Squat Jacks (60)

Mosey to parking lot

EMOM Round 4

LBC (60 sec)

Bad Boys (60 sec)

Left Plank Oblique Lift (60 sec)

Right Plank Oblique Lift (60 sec)

Early Christmas surprise – Flutter Kicks (60 sec)

Gentlemen, this was a fun one. Painful no doubt. Never want to do anything like it again until my next Q. Thank you for showing up and showing out. Giving it your all and pushing me when I wanted to quit. Be a blessing today, men!

Prayer Requests/Announcements/Praise Reports

1. Bunker’s daughter Abby recently engaged. Congrats to you and the wedding crowdfunding campaign!

2. Friday morning breakfast/awards ceremony. It’s not too late to view for Sharpie as FNG of them year! Need confirmation of sign up sheet

3. Saturday morning parade. Wear your F3 gear!

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