Mama Said Knock You Out!

AO: Rumble

PAX: Dipstick, Duck Tales, Mr. Rogers, Wee Man, Kimchi, Sharpie, Yogi, Night Light, JAX (QIC)


SSH x10 IC

LAC x10 IC

Reverse LAC x10 IC

Low N Slow Squat x10 IC

Merkin x10 OYO

Thru The Tunnel x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to first light post – Let’s go postal! Not really

Post 1: 10 merkins

Post 2: 10 squats

Post 3: 10 reverse lunges per leg

Posts 4-6 – Repeat each exercise from posts 1-3 in order

Mosey between each post

Shoulder taps for the 6

Mosey to bus loop

EMOM Circuit (JAX Mom’s B Day Circuit)

Each PAX grab a bench

Bench 1: Box Jumps

Bench 2: Dips

Bench 3: Incline Merkins

Bench 4: Burpee-Box Jumps

Bench 5: Al Gores

Bench 6: Decline Merkins

Bench 7: Dips

Bench 8: Exploding Lunges

Free PAX: 11s – Merkins – Squats

Each PAX alternates to the next station after 1 min of work

Mosey back to light posts

Post 1: 20 merkins

Post 2: 20 squats

Post 3: 20 reverse lunges per leg

Posts 4-6: Repeat exercises from posts 1-3 in order (20 per post)

1 min of flutter kicks

Mosey to parking lot


Happy birthday Mama JAX!

Prayer Requests/Praise Reports/Announcements

Livingston – Paralyzed from neck down in first wrestling match

Pom Pom’s M – Having tests done

Nurse Jackie’s M

Night Light’s M’s foot surgery – 12/13

Christmas Party with M’s – 12/12

Breakfast Christmas Party – 12/17

Christmas Parade Downtown – 12/18 – F3 featured

Thank you for allowing me lead you all, fellas. It’s always a blast and an honor!

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