Weenie Ruck/Block WOD Cluster

The Scene:  39° Clear – Scrooge – 11/8/21

Wee Man

Wee Man, Nurse Jackie, Yogi, Mr. Rogers, Yum Yum, DuckTales, Thriller, Web, Pinto, Butters, Night Light, Boucher, Big Worm,

I’m not a professional / You haven’t paid to be here/ Push hard when you can/ Take care of yourself

10 – Little Arm Circles – 4CT IC
10 – Little Arm Circles Reverse with LS Squat- 4CT IC
10 – forward Clap with Knee Ups – 4CT IC

The Thang:

Thruster Challenge

100 Ruck Thrusters but 5 burpees EMOM

(Other F3 Pax used cinderblocks)

Curls/burpee emom for the six

20 – Curls with Ruck/Block – 4CT IC

Mosey to EBC Parking Lot


1 Burpee // Bear Crawl 4 steps

2 Burpees // BC 8 steps

3 Burpees // BC 12 steps

4 Burpees // BC 16 steps

Continue until reach other side of parking lot along corner of Ebenezer Road

Line up facing away from road

75 Monkey Humpers for the early morning commuters, with ruck on.

Mosey back to the circle

Plank it up in a circle, shoulder to shoulder.

Pax places right hand on right pax shoulder while planking.

Pax does 2 push-ups as a group.

Switch arms, repeat.

(We will get better at this, I promise)


BOM – Wee Man


Thank you for bearing with me today. It was a Q that I wanted to do again for a while. EMOM’s are tough when you are trying to get reps. The Monkey Humpers I owe credit to Boucher for putting that in my head. Good call! Saw a bunch of soul crushing today!


F3 Christmas Party – date Coming up soon (Dec 17)

Prayer requests: 

Dubose family – beating Covid step by step

CHILLA’ and his Family

Knobby M – Biopsy recovery

Butters Family



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