Dealer’s Choice

Conditions: 40 something perfect weather for a steamy beatdown.

PAX: Dipstick(QIC), WeeMan, Nightlight, Paycheck, Mudfish, PomPom, Bunker, Mr Rogers, Butters



SSH IC x25

Imperial Walkers IC x10

Through the tunnel IC x13

The Thang

Freddie Mercuries IC x34

PAX picked a number 1-100

Closest PAX wins: Mudfish got the honors

Mudfish picked the poison and drew one of the 4 workout cards and ended up with full body.

Q pulled 4 cards at a time. Have to do the exercises in order no skipping. For number card perform the number on the card of the suite. See below for suite description.

Diamonds – Diamond Merkins

Spades – Bonnie Blairs (each leg)

Hearts – Flutter kicks (double count)

Clubs – Curls

Jacks – 50 Plank jacks

Queens – 50 Freddie Mercuries

King – 1 lap

Ace- 50 Jump squats

Joker- 25 burpees

Keep pulling card until time runs out or make it through the deck.



Prayer Requests:

Bunkers Daughter (Abby)

Dipstick’s cousins fiancé (Paula)

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