Paycheck’s Standard Scrooge Q

Mon, November 1 2021

AO: Scrooge

THE PAX (5): Web; Chilla (RESPECT); Big Worm; Thriller (RESPECT); Paycheck (QIC)


-Big Arm Circles 10x Forward, 10x Reverse

-Forward Claps x 10, Give yourselves a round of applause for getting out of bed and getting after it.

-Prisoner Squats, in cadence, x10 

-High Plank, Hands-to-Heels Half Burpees x 10, in cadence

-Hand Release Merkins x 10, in cadence (slap ground on 3)

-Shoulder Taps x 10, in cadence

-Mountain Climbers x 20, in cadence

-Bonnie Blairs x 10 in cadence

[Mosey to picnic tables]

THE THANG, Part I – Paycheck Picnic

4 rounds

Reps: 10; 3×3; 10

Moves (3):

1):  Explosive Incline Chest Pass Merkins x 10: Pax perform an incline pushup, chest-to-table, explode so hands leave the table, explode to standing if able.

2):  Split-Grip Pullups: 3 with LH pullup grip/RH chinup grip; 3 with RH chinup grip/ LH pullup grip 

3):  Bench Dips x10

After round 2, High Plank on sidewalk for the 6.

-10 Shoulder Taps.

-10 Mountain Climbers

-Grass Bonnie Blairs x 12, in cadence- Knee in grass = 1, jump up, switch knee.

1 more round

-Plank at sidewalk when complete

[Mosey to Dugout]

 THE THANG, Part II – The Legs Leg

-High Knees to dugout.

-20 Side Straddle hops, in cadence

-High knees to Fence at Left Field foul pole.

-Mosey 3 Lightpoles to Center Field, Jailbreak 3 lightpoles to Right Field foulpole.

-Right Field Foul Line:

-Plank Recover

-10 Merkins

-Mosey 3 Lightpoles to Center Field, Jailbreak 3 lightpoles to Left Field foulpole.

-Plank recover.

Left Field Foul Line:

-20 Side Straddle Hops, in cadence

-Backwards Mosey to Center Field;

-Jailbreak to Right Field Foul line.

Right Field Foul Pole

-High Plank

-Shoulder Taps x 10, in cadence

-Mosey 1 lightpole, Jailbreak 1 light pole, Mosey 1 lightpoles, rinse and repeat.

-High Plank

-High Knees to dugout

-20 Side Straddle Hops in cadence

[Mosey to swingset]

The Thang Part III – Paycheck Pilates

Standing Swingset Ab Rollout, x 8

Heels to Heaven x 15, in cadence

Big Bois x 10 OYO.

Standing Ab Rollout x 15

10 Flutter Kicks (L+R= 1)

1 minute Murder:

chose either big bois or box jumps.


15 Swingset Ab Rollouts

15 Australian Pull-ups (flapjack)

Victory Laps around Da Hoppa’s Yard: sprint on the straightaways (lap 1). Indian Run (lap 2). Recover: 10 Prisoner Squats in cadence.

MARY: on your 6; 15 Heels to heaven; 10 big bois; 1 minute flutters; 1 minute crunches.

Devo: You, my brothers and sisters were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indugle the flesh; rather, serve one another humble in love. Galations 5:313 NIV. | “God, thank You for the freedom You’ve given to me! Help me not to abuse it, but to use my liberty to freely serve others. Let the way I treat ther people reflect Your love. In Jesus’ name, Amen”

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