BackBlast 10/6/21 Scrooge

Conditions: 72 and gloomy

PAX: Merlin , Dipstick, Squatter, Boucher, Chilla ,Frodo, Wee man, Pom Pom ,Nurse Jackie, Sharpie, Web, Bunker, Jefferson, Kimchi,Belding, Geppetto, Big Worm, Big Hurt(QIC). 18 pax


Warm up:


15 Through the tunnel IC

15 Big arm circles IC

15 reverse Big arm circles

The Thang

Starting on 1 side with 1 rep merkin then run to the other side and 2 burpees. Back and forth
until 10. 2 Laps around hoppas yard.
WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN. LT. Dans across instead of run Start at 10 til 1. Due to time may not have all gotten down the ladder.
Mosey to Tennis courts
4 corners. The long way. Bear crawl the short sides?

  1. 15 Burpees
  2. 30 Squats
  3. 45 mountain climbers (count each Leg)
  4. 60 plank jacks

Cool down/ core/ Six minutes with Nahsti

1 min AMRAP X6 minutes

  1. Freddy Mercuries
  2. LBCs
  3. FLIP onto front 1 min low plank
  4. American Hammers
  5. Flutter Kicks



October 17 sharpies 5 pm house cook out. Saracutse NY style

30th of October Reaper

October Fest Highland Games coming

Prayer Request


Leslie- Thrillers daughter -Prayers for healing

Prayers for big worms daughter Callie


Bunker. Unspoken

Thank you for letting me lead on my VQ. Thanks for coming out. Hope it was a good workout! Proud to be a part of this F3 family.


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